From Sewers to Fiber Optics We’ve Got You Covered

ISD’s directional boring is capable of running 18” pipe/conduit up to 1,000 feet. Directional boring is used for utility lines (gas and electric), drainage, fiber optics, steel casing, and sewers. ISD is capable of running lines to +/- 1 foot of desired final penetration point. Drilling fluids are containerized and reclaimed with a Hydro-Vac unit. The fluids used are biodegradable.

Directional boring is ideal for areas where traditional open trench is not feasible or cost effective such as under impervious surfaces (roads, ditches, parking lots, etc.). The set-up, drill, and installation time is greatly reduced as compared to open trench excavation.

Directional boring greatly reduces the impact on yards, fields, etc. No Back-fill and/or re-sodding is necessary with directional boring installations.

Current customers for ISD directional boring include churches, railroads, industrial facilities, farmsteads, and residential homes.